Week-7 Coding - Online Store: (12- 16 August)

Week-7 Coding - Online Store: (12- 16 August)

from 315.00

Week 7: 12 - 16 August 2019
- Build an online store
beginner - advance
Micro-bit, scratch, tinker
Location: University of Toronto Mississauga
Hours: 9 am- 4 pm.
Extend hours: (8 am - 5 pm) available for $10 per/day
Groups: (Grades 2 - 5) & (Grades 6 -9)

Food ($78 a week):
Extended Hours ($50 a week):

Course Description
Students will dive into creating games and interactive experiences while learning essential programming concepts. this course uses sprites and code blocks to set a foundation of computational thinking—an essential skill in this tech-driven world—enhanced by bright visuals and engaging design. Students will produce their own games, play them on their mobile devices and computers.

In this course, Students will learn

  • Learn programming concepts like creating variables and using if-else statements

  • Program using arithmetic operators

  • Design and animate sprites, objects

  • Experiment and explore to build creativity and confidence

    More information is coming soon, stay tuned*