Week 7 (12- 16 August): Coding -Online Lemonade Stand

Week 7 (12- 16 August): Coding -Online Lemonade Stand

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Week 7: 12 - 16 August 2019
HTML , CSS, JavaScript
Hours: 9 am- 4 pm.
Extend hours: (8 am - 5 pm) available for $10 per/day

Food ($78 a week):
Extended Hours ($50 a week):

Course Description

Campers become entrepreneurs and  choose a pretend business to operate by building their own online website or online store. It might be a lemonade stand, pet walking service or their own creative toy or video game product to sell.  They will add pictures and links on the website to engage their future customers. 

In this course students will:

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Learn Design Thinking principles

Create and pitch their online business.

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