The following policies have been developed to ensure the most positive experience for all Innova STEM labs inc. Camp participants. Innova STEM Camp is about exploring science and engineering in a fun and exciting way while maintaining a safe and secure environment for its participants. Participants of Innova STEM Camp include the campers, the instructors, the junior instructors, visitors and administrative staff.

1.1 Behaviour Policies

On the first day of camp the campers, instructors and junior instructors will come together to produce a

document of expected behaviour for the camp duration. This document will be signed by all participants

present and will be posted for the duration of the camp.

Areas of issue for the camp behaviour document will include appropriate behaviours towards other camp participants, special safety concerns, procedures for asking questions, being excused and other typical classroom rules. Consequences for inappropriate behaviour will be reasonable and will not include corporal punishment in any form, nor will they include humiliating or embarrassing activities. The goal of Innova STEM Camp is to foster a fun and safe learning environment.

1.2 Medications Policy

Campers requiring medication while at camp must have written information signed by a parent or

guardian before the camper can engage in camp activity indicating any pertinent information.

Parents/guardians must provide only the daily dose of the medication. The medication must be contained in a zip-lock bag or sealable container or jar. The container must be labelled with the camper’s name, medication name and date. The campers can keep and administer the medication themselves. Campers who are prone to forget their medication can be required (by parent/guardian written request) to have the instructors keep the medication and remind the campers to take the medication at a specific time.

Instructors will not administer the medication, campers will be required to take the medication

from the container and ingest it themselves. Parents/guardians of campers who are not capable of

self-administering the medication should make arrangements to administer their child’s medication.

The camp will not provide any other “over-the-counter” medications such as, but not limited to, Tylenol,

Aspirin, Advil, cough, cold and flu medications, and throat lozenges. Any medications that campers

require must be provided by the parents/guardians of the camper. Campers are not permitted to share

any medications at any time.

Parents/guardians of campers with allergies must provide the camper/camp with the appropriate

medication needed in the event that the camper is exposed to allergens. The camp will not have EPIPENs™ on site, campers requiring EPI-PENs™ in the case of an allergic reaction are required to

have their own. For campers, which may require the use of EPI-PENs,™ it is the responsibility of the

parent/guardian of that camper to ensure that they are educated in the use of EPI-PENs™.

1.3 Pick-Up and Drop-Off Policies

As a safety measure campers are signed in and out of camp each day. An instructor initials and records

the time of arrival or departure, the camper also initials the camper roster. It is our policy to assume that campers may sign themselves in and out of camp each day.

If you wish for your child to be signed in and out of camp each day by an adult please notify the camp

instructors with a written letter outlining who specifically can drop off and pick up your child. The written request for adult pick up and drop off must be submitted by a parent or guardian listed on the Camper Registration Form. This notification must be received on the first day of camp; any changes, additions or deletions must be submitted in writing. Information to include in the letter is your child’s name, your name, contact information and relationship to the child, a list of people authorised to pick up and drop off your child including their name, contact information and relationship to the camper.

If a written request is submitted as outlined above the camper will not be admitted or discharged from

camp without the appropriate adult accompaniment. Identification may be requested from the adult

picking up or dropping off the child at the discretion of the camp instructors.

Campers can be dropped off each morning of camp between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Please note that

camp activities will begin promptly at 9:30 a.m. Campers can be picked up between 3:30 p.m. and

4:00 p.m. each afternoon of camp. Please note that late fees (see schedule below) will start

accumulating promptly at 4:30 p.m.

Fines for late pick up are as follows:

15 minutes late - $5.00

30 minutes late 0r More - $10.00

Campers with outstanding pick-up late fees will not be admitted back to camp until fees have been

paid. Fees can be paid by cash or cheque.

1.4 Refund Policy

Refunds will not be given. Upon receipt of the camper registration form and payment, an e-mail and receipt will be sent to campers and their parents/guardians. Once the aforementioned e-mail has been sent no refund will be given for campers withdrawn from camp.

1.5 Camper Registration Forms

It is the policy of Innova STEM Camp that every part of the camp Registration Form and the

Health Form must be completed. Any information missing from the registration form will be highlighted by office staff. It is the responsibility of the on-site staff (camp instructors) to acquire the missing information during the first day of camp.

1.6 Permission to Photograph Campers

Throughout the duration of the camp, one of the instructors will be taking photos of the camp, the

campers, junior instructors, and instructors. These photos may include the following: camp activities,

group photos, and fun activities. Photos taken may be used in future camp promotion materials, including but not limited to camp registration brochures, Innova STEM Camp websites, and other printed

program material.

Parents/guardians who DO NOT want their child photographed must indicate this in writing to the

camp instructors.

1.7 Food & Safety Policies

Due to the nature of the camp, there are several policies in the area of participant safety that are strictly

enforced. Parents should review these policies in detail with the campers before the start of camp.

1.8 Camp Food Policies for Parents & Campers

7.8.1 Campers Must Stay for Snacks & Lunch

In order to maintain a safe environment where the whereabouts of campers can be maintained

constantly, participants will be expected to remain at camp for lunches and snack breaks.

1.8.2 Microwaves & Fridges Not Available to Campers

Microwaves and refrigerators will not be provided for participant lunches, please be sure to have

items for snacks and lunches which do not require heating or refrigeration. All food will be kept in a cool, dry place away from chemicals and other hazards.

1.8.3 Nut-Free Environment

Innova STEM Camp has adopted a no-nut policy for all of its camps. Campers will not be permitted

to bring peanuts and nuts in any form to camp. Please be sure to check the contents of all items in your

children’s lunches and snacks, including but not limited to: granola bars, chocolate in any form, snack

foods, and cookies. There are many children for whom exposure to peanuts, nuts or nut products

including oils can cause serious illness or even death.

1.8.4 Allergies & Medications

Due to camper allergies and other medical conditions, the camp will also enforce a strict no sharing policy regarding all food, snacks, medications and beverages.

1.9 Camp Safety Policies for Parents & Campers

1.9.1 Designated Area for Camp Equipment & Supplies

All camp equipment, including laboratory and other science equipment, craft supplies, sports equipment

and First Aid equipment is strictly off limits to all campers at all times. All equipment will be kept in a

designated off-limits area, and will be distributed as necessary.

1.9.2 Safety Equipment

Participants must wear safety equipment as requested. There are some activities that will require lab

coats (provided), safety goggles (provided) and gloves (provided). All instructors have been trained in

WHMIS safety and chemical handling procedures and will maintain a safe environment for all participants.

1.9.3 Chemicals

Chemicals can never be smelled, tasted, or touched at any time. Instructors will ensure the safe handling

of all substances within the camp.

1.9.4 Appropriate Attire

Campers must wear footwear at all times. Campers should be outfitted in appropriate classroom clothing, i.e. no swimwear, clothing with inappropriate messaging, etc. Campers will be spending some time outdoors daily; parents should provide headwear, sunscreen and sunglasses at their discretion.

1.9.5 Campers Must Request Permission to be Excused

Campers must request permission to be excused, and inform instructors of their whereabouts at all times. This includes trips to the washroom facilities.

1.9.6 Safe Play

Campers engaged in play must maintain safe practices at all times, typical of schoolyard play.

1.10 Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour

The instructors reserve the right to skip any of following levels of consequences in the case of extreme

danger to other campers. In all cases, if the behaviour has adversely affected another camper or

instructor an apology to the offended party will be expected.

7.10.1 Verbal Warning

The camper will be spoken to about the inappropriate behaviour and will be asked to stop that behaviour immediately.

1.10.2 Out of Activity

The camper will be asked to sit out of the remainder of the activity or if not engaged in a specific activity, will be requested to sit-out of a particular activity later in that day of camp or the next day of camp.

1.10.3 Out of Camp for the Day

The camper will be sent home from camp for the rest of the day. The parents/guardians of the camper

will be contacted and will be required to pick up the camper immediately. If the behaviour occurs at the

end of a day of camp the camper will be requested to stay home on the next day of camp. No refund will

be given to the parents/guardians of campers expelled from camp for inappropriate behaviour.

1.10.4 Out of camp

The camper will be requested to leave the camp and not return for the remainder. The parents/guardians of the camper will be contacted and will be required to pick up the camper immediately. No refund will be given to the parents/guardians of campers expelled from camp for inappropriate behaviour.